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Abraham Lincoln, Trial Lawyer

Twenty-six of America’s forty-four presidents have been lawyers. Of these, the one with the most significant private practice was Abraham Lincoln, whose legal career began in 1836 and ended only after he was inaugurated in 1861. Lincoln was involved in … Continue reading

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The Growth of American Business: The Role of War

While disconcerting, it is nevertheless a fact that wars have played a significant role in expanding American business. This is so for at least three reasons. First, wars create new markets, and new markets fuel industrial expansion. Second, wars also … Continue reading

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William Gaston

William Gaston of North Carolina (1778 – 1844) is a forgotten American judicial treasure who broke new ground in the law of slavery and race, providing legal protections to both slaves and African-American freedmen, where previously there had  been few. Justice Joseph … Continue reading

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