Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood, and Christianity

The sexual abuse and exploitation of women actresses by Harvey Weinstein and by many other men in Hollywood has released a outpouring of similar stories targeting other women in both Hollywood and in other, different venues, including academia and corporate America. Stories of such abuse and exploitation are added daily to the #metoo Twitter account and in the daily print and electronic media. Yet these same victims and their media supporters also target Christianity and its values as hateful or illogical, focussing particularly, but not exclusively, on Catholic teachings regarding abortion and homosexuality. In these efforts to demonize Christian religious values, they echo their victimizer Weinstein, who is known for his production of movies attacking and/or ridiculing Christian actors and values. One need only bring to mind Weinstein movies such as Priest, The Butcher Boy, Dogma, Sin City, and Philomena, among others.

What makes the attacks on Christianity by victimized Hollywood actresses and their fellow sufferers illogical is the exalted status Christianity affords to women, forbidding not only adultery, but also any sexual relations outside of marriage, and discouraging or forbidding divorce. Moreover, Christ recognized the equal status of women and had many women followers at a time when women were considered a man’s property who could be divorced at will. Mary, the Mother of God; Mary Magdalen; and Mary, the mother of James, represent just a few of those women who followed Christ. And in the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters of Saint Paul we meet others, including Dorcas (known as Tabitha), Lydia, Phoebe, Lois, and Eunice, and several others named in the Letter to the┬áRomans, 16:1-16.

Roman “civilization” further demeaned women, with rampant extra marital promiscuity and unfaithfulness which the Catholic Church condemned. The Roman leaders responded by characterizing Christianity as a religion for women. In light of this history, even Edward Gibbon, a fierce opponent of Christianity, was required to admit that “The dignity of marriage was restored by the Christians.”

Christianity both exalts and protects women. It  has done so consistently from its beginnings. It is now time for the #metoo victims to embrace its teachings.



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