Significant Dates in New Mexico History

Many Americans are unaware of the rich and long history of New Mexico, which predates the English settlements at Jamestown and in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Here are some of the key dates in New Mexico’s history under Spanish and Mexican rule, culminating in United States statehood:

1510 – Vasquez de Coronado Expedition

1598 – Juan de Onate takes possession of New Mexico for Spain: “La Toma”

1607 – Santa Fe established

1610 – Santa Fe becomes capital of New Mexico

1610 – Pedro de Peralta becomes Governor

1630 – Fray Alonzo de Benavides’ History of the New Mexican Missions

1680 – Pueblo Revolt; Spanish driven out of New Mexico

1688 – Diego de Vargas named Governor

1693 – de Vargas restores New Mexico to Spanish rule

1706 – Albuquerque established

1821 – Mexico receives independence from Spain; New Mexico now ruled by Mexico

1821 – Santa Fe Trail opened to American trade

1846 – United States defeats Mexico; New Mexico becomes a United States Territory;┬áBrigadier General Stephen Kearny arrives in Territory and establishes United States territorial government

1912 – New Mexico becomes the 47th State

1939-1945 – Atomic Bomb developed at Los Alamos under the Manhattan Project

Dates taken from Thomas E. Chavez, New Mexico Past and Future (University of New Mexico Press, 2006)










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